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FREE drama workshops for schools in the City of Playford

Are the students at your school missing out on drama activities? Do your teachers lack personal development opportunities? Want to bring more creativity to your school but don’t have the time, money or resources you need?

The award winning True North Youth Theatre Ensemble will come to your school to deliver high quality drama workshops at no cost to your school. Students will engage in drama games and improvisation while learning interpersonal skills and having fun.

To qualify, participating students need a parent or guardian to sign the AnglicareSA Playford Communities for Children Program registration form. Limited workshops available.


Call 0404 553 263
Email ajzproductionsinfo@gmail.com
Visit truenorthyte.com

2 workshop types available:
School Drama Workshops

Drama games, improvisation and fun! Students enjoy arts activities while teachers who may not have access to this type of training build confidence and gain experience. Teachers are required to participate in the delivery of these workshops.

Run Time

80 mins

Number of participants

Maximum 20 per workshop

Workshop space

A room cleared of all tables and chairs.

Forum Theatre Workshops

Students learn about interpersonal conflicts and coping strategies in a dramatic performance involving an oppressed/oppressor dynamic. This uses a technique by Augusto Boal called ‘The Theatre of the Oppressed.’

In the workshop, students view a realistic performance by True North actors featuring an interpersonal conflict with no fixed solutions. Students then are encouraged to take to the stage to offer an alternative to how the protagonist could have acted. This offers the student opportunities to analyse alternatives and explore the results of their choices.

The True North actors perform again, adapting to include the results of these new choices, creating a kind of theatrical debate where experiences and ideas are shared. This builds student solidarity and encourages self empowerment.

Schools can choose between any topics of the forum theatre workshops with a maximum of 3 workshops per year performed per school. There are 12 workshops available per year in total for schools in the City of Playford Council area.

Forum themes

Forum theatre workshops can cover 3 themes, which can be selected by the school as needed:

Respectful behaviours

Exploring the concept of antisocial, bullying and disrespectful behaviours that are prevalent in the school environment.

What is consent?

Explaining the legal concept of consent and how these issues may impact a young person’s life from a personal and legal perspective.


The challenges young people face as they explore their identity. Performed by actors who identify as LGBTQ+ and can be performed to a smaller group of individuals if required.

Run Time

1 hour 20 mins. In addition, a 1 hour set up and 30 min pack down required

Number of participants

Maximum 30 per workshop. Smaller groups encouraged for the LGBTQ+ theatre forum workshops.

Workshop space

A room cleared of all tables and chairs, with enough chairs for the audience. A 3x3 metre stage area.

Supported by

Logos of AJZ Productions, AnglicareSA, Playford Communities for Children and Australian Government Department for Social Services.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Visit www.dss.gov.au for more information. Playford CFC programs are funded by the Department of Social Services.


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